Other Meetings Coming:  2018-2019


Date Subject Speaker PDH Location
9/12/2018 Batch Management & S88 Divya Venkataravan, GICSP
Dale Reed, CAP
Yes Rockwell Automation
10/3/2018 Cedar Point Tour Cedar Point Staff Yes Sandusky, Ohio
11/7/2018 Signals are Talking Doug Rothenberg, D-Roth, Inc. Yes Crowne Plaza, Middleburg Hts.
12/5/2018 Social Meeting NA No 100th Bomb Group Restaurant
1/9/2019 Back To Basics Loop Tuning & Auto Tuning Joe Claude Flandro-Control Soft Yes Crowne Plaza, Middleburg
2/6/2019 Intrinsic safety
vs. Explosion Proof
Joe Zullo, MTL Yes Crowne Plaza, Middleburg
3/6/2019 Newest Control valve Designs/Usage of Linear & Equal Percentage Trim Mike Fenk, Regional Sales Mgr., Schubert & Salzer Yes Crowne Plaza, Middleburg Hts.
4/10/2019 Science Fair & Tech Elevator Joe-Anthony Huges Yes Crowne Plaza, Middleburg Hts.
5/8/2019 Cyber Security & Risk Management Jennifer Mansfield-Rockwell Automation Yes Rockwell Automation